Finally, Frank Gore vs. Peter Warrick

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Finally, Frank Gore vs. Peter Warrick

Beitrag von Bellinger12 » Do 19. Mär 2020, 09:44

In case you missed it, my 2020 division-by-division preview series began a couple of weeks ago. Thus far, I've previewed the MAC East and MAC West.

As part of the preview process, I update the roster files I maintain for each team and add each team's new signees. And I occasionally make some fun discoveries.

While there were plenty of amazing players on both the Florida State and Miami rosters at the turn of the century, we were deprived of a Peter Warrick vs. Frank Gore matchup -- Warrick finished his career with a brilliant performance in 1999's BCS title game, and Gore made his debut as the world's greatest third-string running back on Miami's 2001 title team. (Seriously, he averaged 9.1 yards per carry and scored five times in 63 touches that year.)

In 2020, we might see some wrongs righted. When Southern Miss hosts FAU on Oct. 10, the game could feature FAU freshman cornerback Peter Warrick Jr. attempting to tackle Southern Miss freshman running back Frank Gore Jr. (They might also redshirt and not face each other until future seasons, but allow me to dream.)

We're all so very, very old.

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